Communicative English and Personality Development Course

The Arsha Gokulam students are from rural, Kannada medium background. They considerably lacked the English language skills. Their comprehension, reading and writing in English was very poor.  Spoken English was far from their reach. When they reached college, though they grasped the technical topics when explained in Kannada, they were unable to comprehend when they read the lessons by themselves and also were unable to express their understanding either orally or through written English. This produced a negative impact on their exam scores and lowered their self-esteem.

Soft skills training is also being conducted for the students of Arsha Gokulam to help them improve their confidence, social skills, and employability quotient.

Shraddha Maanu Foundation is an NGO based out of Chennai which focuses on educating and creating a nurturing ecosystem for students. Shraddha Maanu foundation volunteered to improve the English communicative skills of Arsha Gokulam students. They came up with a structured curriculum for teaching the students to read, understand, listen, speak and write in English. The program has already been kickstarted and the students have started reaping the benefits of the program.

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