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Arsha Seva Kendram does diverse charitable activities in educational, medical, cultural and social sectors. We work to help in advancement of Indian culture, heritage and literature. Our objective is to unfold the vision of our Rishis, by teaching children, youth and adults on Indic culture, traditional knowledge disciplines such as Upanishads and rediscovering the true history of BharatVarsha.

We welcome you to join Arsha Seva Kendram in its mission to serve Bharata Maata and becoming part of our journey, and thank you for your contribution!


Indian Citizens

Are you an Indian Citizen? In compliance with Indian Law for Non-Profits, at this time, ASK is able to accept donations only from resident Indian citizens and Non-Resident Indians holding Indian passport. 

US Citizens and Residents

Zelle to Jayakumar ji – [email protected]

With an email to S. Mahesh at [email protected]

We request other generous wellwishers to please contact us.