Our Courses

Our Courses

अन्यत्र धर्मादन्यत्राधर्मात् । कठोपनिषद् 1.2.14
anyatra dharmādanyatrādharmāt | kaṭhōpaniṣad
“What is other than Dharma and Adharma? (You tell me that!)”
(Young boy Naciketas asks Yama Devataa, rejecting all material temptations)

The core purpose of Arsha Seva Kendram is to teach Advaita Vedanta and Sanskrit to adults, and teach Sanaatana Dharma to children and youth. Courses are offered free of charge, in keeping with the ancient tradition of Sanaatana Dharma where Knowledge is not sold. Courses are conducted both on site and online. Online classes are recorded and uploaded for reference. Vedanta Courses are taught in English. Sanskrit classes are taught in Sanskrit.

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