Temple Revival

Temple Tradition Revival Program

Across rural areas of Tamil Nadu, there are many temples where daily pujas and rituals are not performed. These temples are not cared for and are completely neglected. Temple tradition revival program is an initiative by Arsha Seva Kendram to reestablish the puja tradition by encouraging the local priests and other key people. This initiative is propelled by the enthusiasm of Srinivasan Krishnasamy of Arsha Seva Kendram.

Currently 5 temples are covered under this program:

Aditityavarneshvar temple at Thuppaakudi
Alagiya Nayagi Samedha Agieshvarar temple at Valudhur
Moonrieshamudaiyar temple at Athaala Nallur
Karuthiesvarar temple at Pappan Kulam
Vanniappar Temple at Alwar Kurichi