Sanskrit is an ancient classical language of the people belonging to the land called Bhaarat.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that anything of significance to people has been written about in Sanskrit ages ago!

The Vedas have been the guiding light of all Hindus. Called “shāstram” or “Shruti”, the Vedas are written in Sānskrit. Even Bhagavān Shri. Rāma, who tradition holds, lived 10,000 years ago was born in a Vedic family, of the PutrakāmeshTi yāga, given in the Vedās. Therefore, Sānskrit itself is a very ancient language.

Samskritam Courses Overview

Arsha Seva Kendram has been engaged in the teaching of Samskritam since 2018. In 2018, September Arsha Seva Kendram started Sasyam, a basic introductory level Samskritam course. Next year along with that Lataa, an intermediate level Samskritam course was also started. In the year 2020, Arsha Seva Kendram started Maalatee, an intermediate-advanced level Samskritam course.

Course details are shared through social media platforms and registrations are accepted through Arsha Seva Kendram website with a nominal token donation solely for the sake of accepting committed students.

Students are added to their level appropriate Signal and Google groups for course related communication. Classes are organized every week through Zoom Video Conferencing. Our classes are recorded and uploaded to YouTube so that students who are not able to attend class directly can watch videos and learn. Many students have cleared exams like this. Students are given access to a Drive full of electronic versions of various Reference books, class materials, different Board Textbooks, dictionaries, sambhashanam videos, sanskrit magazines and so on. We also have dedicated signal groups for information sharing and doubt clarification. Home works are regularly given through Google classroom and graded. Other than this we have practice sessions every week, so that students can gain flexibility over the language.

 Thus Arsha Seva Kendram provides a well structured support system for the students to continue their learning. Along with the syllabus emphasis is given for Sambhashana Samskritam also. Though writing exams are not mandatory we encourage the students to appear for Samskrita Bharati’s exams. Arsha Seva Kendram sponsors their examination fees and takes care of local as well as international shipping of books.

So far(in 3 batches from 2018 to 2021, June) 33 students have cleared Samskrita Bharati’s Pravesha (Level-1) and 13 students have cleared Samskrita Bharati’s Parichaya (Level-2) exam. Fifty six students  (comprising 3 levels) from the current batches have registered for the upcoming exams in January 2022.

Course Details

Sasyam : Samskritam Level – 1

Sasyam is an introductory level Samskritam course aimed to enable the student to comfortably read and comprehend short stories, subhashitams and dialogues. Students with knowledge of Devanagari are gradually introduced to the grammar concepts like basic Lakaras and all Vibhaktis. By the end of the course, students would be capable of conversing in simple Samskritam, would be able to parse sentences and recognize fragments. Sasyam course helps the student to develop a grounding in grammar which could enable them to write and narrate simple stories as well. This course will enable the students to take up Samskrita Bharati’s Pravesha (Level-1) Examination.

Lataa : Samskritam Level-2

Lataa is an intermediate Samskritam course aimed at preparing the students to take up a higher level of language and grammar topics such as Krudantas, Swara Sandhi, Vidhiling and Lang Lakaaras and Prayogas. Upon completion of this course, students would be equipped to appear for Samskrita Bharati’s Parichaya (Level-2) Examination.

Maalatee : Samskritam Level-3

Maalatee is an intermediate-advanced Samskritam course aimed at preparing students to take up further advanced language and grammar topics such as Sati Saptami, advanced Krudantas, and Vyanjana Sandhi. This course would prepare the students to appear for Samskrita Bharati’s Shiksha (Level-3) Examination.

Kamalam : Samskritam Level-4

Kamalam is an advanced level Samskritam course aimed at preparing the students for advanced topics such as Samasa, Samskrita Sahitya Parichaya, Chandas, Alankara, and advanced pratyayaha’s, etc. This course would prepare the students to appear for Samskrita Bharati’s Kovida (Level-4) Examination.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.

Samskritam Teachers


Sandeep Deshmukh

Sandeep Deshmukh is a Samskritam teacher at Arsha Seva Kendram. He is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering from Mumbai University and runs his own manufacturing business in Nashik.

Sandeep is an ardent lover of the Samskritam language. He has been learning Samskritam for the past two and a half years. He has cleared the Pravesh Pariksha of Samskrita Bharati, Prathama Deeksha of Rashtriya Samskrit Sansthan. He is also an active Karyakarta in Samskrita Bharati, Nashik. He has also completed the Sanskrit Shikshak Prashikshan of Samskrita Bharati.

To date, Sandeep Deshmukh has taught six Sambhashan Varg. He is an Upadhyaksha at Samskrita Bharati Nashik Janapadam as well.


Haripriya Kidambi

Haripriya Kidambi teaches Samskritam at Arsha Seva Kendram. She has done her MA in Samskritam in Alankarashastrah from Karnataka Samskrita University, Bangalore. She has been teaching BhagavadGita, Amarakosha and Shrimad Bhagavatha puranam for the past several years. Recently she has taken up teaching Samskritam.

 She also holds B.Music from Madras University. She has been teaching Carnatic music for the past 25 years. Music being her primary passion, she has composed music for a dance project sponsored by Sangeet Natak Academy.

 Haripriya Kidambi also excels in the field of Literature. She has translated works related to Shri Vaishnava Sampradaya from Telugu to Kannada and from English to Kannada. She has worked with a Pali-Dictionary project for a very brief period. Currently, she is working on manuscripts after attending a webinar on Sharada Lipi.

 She is a certified Yoga teacher and a regular practitioner of Yoga.


Hayawardh Vijayakumar

Hayawardh has been a student of Samskritam for several years. He learned conversational Samskritam through Samskrita Bharati, where he also conducts weekly spoken Samskritam classes. He has interests in the grammar, word etymology, and automated parsing of Samskritam. He is also broadly interested in linguistics and Indo-European languages. He is a computer scientist by profession.

Bhanu M Chandra


Bhanu is a student of Samskrutam. He has been studying Samskrutam formally for the last 3 years and has been teaching the beginner-level course for a little over 1 year. His interests lie in linguistics, (more specifically in how language affects thought, behaviour and even cultures) and Indian history and has made modest contributions towards setting the narrative right with respect to how our history is presented and taught. He would like to do more in this area in the future.
N Karthik

N Karthik

A student of Vedas, Shastras and Vedanta with keen interest in Saṃskārās, Saṃskṛti and Saṃskṛtam. Likes to draw from the rich heritage of Ancient Indian/Hindu wisdom to address current day societal challenges and problems. Can be generally found at: He will be teaching the Sasyam course

Anil Kumar Pugalia

Anil Kumar Pugalia

Engineer by degree & profession. Explorer by nature. Perpetual student always in quest of knowledge. Currently, studying Embedded Systems, Sanskrit, Philosophy. Passionate about helping others by sharing whatever he knows.

R Narayanan Samkritam

R Narayanan

Was a senior management professional with 35 years of experience.Has a degree in Engineering and Post graduate degrees in Management and Yoga Therapy. A long term practitioner of yoga, he is currently working on his PhD in Yoga. A student of Vedanta and Samskritam with Arsha Seva Kendram and also studying Veda. Has completed the Shiksha level of Samskrita Bharti. He will be teaching the Sasyam course

Janev Veettil

Janev Veettil

based in the US, he is a Sanskritabharati class teacher, and IT professional. Interested in shlokas, subhashitams, panchatantra kaTHa apart from teaching basic Samskritam. He will be teaching the Sasyam course.

Jayashree Shenvi

Jayashree Shenvi

She is based in Australia and has studied Bcom from Bangalore University. She has finished the Parichaya level from Samskrita Bharati & Samsaadhini course conducted by SB & IIT Roorkee. She will be teaching the Sasyam course.

Surya Arvind-

Surya Arvind

Surya is a teacher at Arsha Seva Kendram.  She has been actively learning Samskritam for the last four years.  She is a karyakartha at Samskrita Bharati, San Jose Kendram, CA for the last three years. She is  a regular practitioner of Yoga and is currently working towards her teacher certification. She will be teaching the Lataa course

Anuradha Anand

Anuradha Anand

 She has completed the exams for Samskrita Bharathi’s Pravesha and Parichaya. She is  also enrolled in the Diploma of Functional Sanskrit from National Sanskrit University (Tirupathi). She will be teaching the Lataa course. She is based in Australia.

Uma Meenaxi

Uma Meenaxi

Entered sanskrit by chance, after retirement. Has done gita sopanam – all 4 levels, Teaching gita sopanam and the correspondence courses of Samskrita Bharti. Also teaches specific topics in grammar as a separate topic/course to support the students. She will be teaching the Malatee course

Parameswaran S

Parameswaran S

He has completed the Kovida level of Samskrita Bharati.He currently teaches the  Parichaya level at Samskrita Bharati. He will be teaching the Malatee course