ramesh sir visited arshagokulam

During Ramesh sir’s two-day visit, he made significant contributions by donating essential items such as a TV wall mount stand, TV remote, UPS, and 100 meters of CAT-6 ethernet cable. The visit also included valuable ITI Electrical trade classes, where students had the opportunity to enhance their knowledge. Additionally, a projector system was mounted, and a TV, generously donated by Prof. Venkata Sonti, was installed, further enriching the learning environment and resources available at the center.
During this initiative, several essential enhancements were made to the infrastructure. A UPS unit, generously donated by Ramesh sir, was installed, along with the purchase of a UPS battery worth Rs. 10,000. To ensure a safe and efficient setup, necessary electrical wiring and grounding work were meticulously completed with the assistance of an electrician. Furthermore, Ethernet connections were established for the admin room and two classrooms, enhancing connectivity and technology resources within the facility. These improvements signify a significant step toward creating a more conducive learning environment at the center.

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