Srinivasa Kalyanam at Kovilpatti by Shri Brahmachari SrinivasanSrinivasa Kalyanam

Srinivasa Kalyanam organized on 9/7/2023 at Kovilpatti by Shri Brahmachari Srinivasan, ASK-Trustee.

This event enhanced the cultural connect of the local population with Sanatan Dharma and was attended by 2000 devotees.

Annadanam, garlands and nadhaswaram for the event were made possible with donations from Kovilpatti public.

Utsava moorthies for the event was offered by Ramanuja Math. and Holy water from Tamirabarani river was brought in to conduct Samprokshanam.

Great support rendered by the staff of Kalyana Mandapam to provide the facility and groceries.

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