Year: 2019

Educational trip to Mandya

ArshaGokulam organized an educational trip for AG students to Krishik Sarvodaya Trust in Mandya. The trip encompassed personality development workshop, career guidance sessions, and spoken English classes, delivering valuable learning opportunities and guidance to the students. Furthermore, the students visited PES College of Engineering, where they gained insights into various educational programs and had the …

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Shankarananda ji visited ArshaGokulam

Swami Shankarananda Ji visited Bhagini’s house to meet the ArshaGokulam children and engage in heartfelt interactions. During their conversation, he emphasized the significance of prayer and hard work. Swami Shankarananda Ji expressed his deep admiration for the ArshaGokulam initiative and displayed his support by writing checks to cover the college fees of four students, further …

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Spoken English classes for our students

Acknowledging the difficulties experienced by ArshaGokulam children as they come from a Kannada medium educational background, a program was initiated to enhance their English language skills. Krithika, a language teacher, led this effort, with the objective of equipping the students with improved English proficiency. This initiative aimed to empower the children with essential communication skills …

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