Year: 2021

Grocery kit distribution during Covid-19

During the COVID-19 pandemic, grocery kits were distributed to the families of ArshaGokulam students, providing essential food items and support to those in need during this challenging period.

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New AG Center

After more than five years of conducting activities in community halls, garages, and house balconies, ArshaGokulam has now acquired a dedicated rented space of its own. This milestone marks a significant achievement and a step forward in providing a stable and conducive environment for its programs and activities.

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Laptop Distribution

Arsha Seva Kendram has acquired a total of 6 medium-configured and 4 high-configured laptops through a purchase from Levita Infotech. This strategic investment in technology resources will greatly enhance the educational experience and opportunities for the students at ArshaGokulam. And also ArshaGokulam received a generous donation of 25 low-configuration laptops from the British Embassy in …

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